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Emaux SSC mini set

For modest residential pools
SSC-mini Salt Chlorinator is engineered for the residential pools up to 90,000 liters.

It incorporates the latest technology, an intuitive interface, and robust components design to create the most reliable, user-friendly and maintenance free chlorinator with the best value for money in the market.


Emaux SSC mini set


1 Easy to install, maintain and replace

2 Maximum working pressure: 2.5 bar

3 Perfect suited for magnesium salted pools

4 Affordable spare parts available


The cell is composed by:

1 Titanium plates for a maximum chlorine production of 25 gram/h

2 Self-cleaning reverse polarity, water flow sensor and temperture sensor

3 Translucent casing with two different connections: 1.5” / 50 mm or 2” / 63 mm


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