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Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming pools and water features are very necessary luxuries that must be properly designed and engineered with features that add thrill, style and beauty to transform the pool area into an elegant resort or an oasis. Each development stage requires paying rapt attention to the details to ensure the luxury attribute is achieved to delight the customer. We believe this is a delicate investment that needs to be entrusted into responsible and accountable hands to guarantee the desired results and avert any regrets.  Entrust this investment into the hands of A.D Pools, your expert and responsible partner. A proven connoisseur in the creation of exquisite waters cape environments that complement a natural and healthy living lifestyle since 2010 till date. We render all-encompassing services and deliver best of every facet.

Go ahead…Whatever your dream, simply talk to us and we will ensure you live it…A.D Pools, freedom to living it.

Swimming Pool Constructions options

  • In-ground Pool
  • Liner Pools
  • Fibre Glass Pools
  • Aboveground Pools

Water Features

  • Fountains (in & out-door ready to use)
  • Waterfalls (in & out-door ready to use)
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Our Add-On Features

(what you can have embedded in your pool design)

An infinity pool has a portion of the pool wall or the entire wall that allows water to overflow into a basin connected to the pool wall. By eliminating the defining edge, the finished effect creates an illusion of the pool connecting to the horizon. From the other side of the pool, the basin can be faced with a stone veneer, and combined with a small flower bed; giving you a beautiful waterfall. This is the most luxurious and advanced feature for a swimming pool that comes with the finest artistry over skimmer systems and preferred all over the world. This is well designed and engineered by A D Pools as an advanced feature for clients who dare for the extraordinary.

Water jets out or spouts arching water across the pool’s surface.

A dramatic waterfall constructed of stone finish or pebbles and surrounded by lush landscaping elements streaming through the landscape to join the pool.

This is simply a large step, generally only a few inches to a foot or so deep, that allows swimmers and loungers alike to dabble in the water without becoming entirely immersed.

A beach entry pool eliminates the shallow end wall and allows you to walk gradually into the pool starting at zero depth. This is a great option for people with children or grandchildren who may not be big enough to otherwise enjoy the pool. It can also add to a natural pond effect in a landscaped design.

A safety ledge continues into the deepest part from the shallow end and along the walls of the deep end. Usually 1-2 feet wide or high depending on the size of the pool and depth, a safety ledge allows you to stand against the deep end wall with your head above water or helps the swimmer in case of emergency.

A swim out is sculpted into the wall of the deep end and forms a bench. About 1-2 feet deep, it allows you to swim up and sit down, and lounge in the sun while being inside the pool.

A bench can be installed into the shallow end steps or into the wall of the shallow end to allow swimmers to sit comfortably inside the pool.

You can raise one or more walls of the pool above the rest of the pool. This looks nice if you want different levels of a deck around the pool. The raised wall is also a nice place to install water features such as fountains or water falls. This adds a dramatic effect to the pools aesthetics. The inside face of the wall is usually tiled but can be done in pebble for a natural unusual finish.

An attached spa can be added to the pool to allow further enjoyment of your new environment. The spa is constructed the same way as the pool. It will run independent of the pool using its own pump, filter, and heater.

This is similar to the “Attached spa” but raised above the pool wall, usually 18″. With a raised spa you can add a spill over or a waterfall feature to the pool. By cutting out the wall that connects the pool, it allows the spa water to flow over into the pool. This is accomplished by adding a return pump for water to circulate from the pool to the spa.


An island can be put inside the pool for use as a table, diving stand, planter or a fountain. The island top is the same height as the deck and is usually topped with the same material.

By placing a large rock in the pool wall at the deep end of the pool you can have a natural diving platform. This is great for pools that have been built to emulate natural looking water bodies.

If you don’t like the look of a ladder hanging in your pool, we can build steps into the wall of your pool. You will have handrails on the deck with no obstruction on the inside of your pool.

Every dream is different. So is every project. Do not worry, we account for both. Go ahead and dream, then talk to us and we will together make you see it come true. A D Pools, freedom to living it…

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Want to Know?

How much does a new in-ground concrete swimming pool, spa or water features cost?

With a free, no-obligation consultation, a designer from A.D Pools office can give you an exact, written quote for your customized request.

A.D Pools build custom in-ground swimming pools, spa and water features across Ghana and some markets across Africa.We do not give quotes via e-mail. This includes estimates for pools pictured on this website, for pools commonly referred to as “just a basic pool,” and even for pools when dimensions are provided.

Unlike factory-manufactured products, landscapes, concrete pools and other water features undergo a multiphase construction process with many variables to consider. Variables such as a backyard’s shape, elevation, to equipment options as well. As a result, pricing is a very detailed process. Giving “guess estimates” to our customers is unfair; we believe in providing precise pricing information that leaves no room for surprises!

Be assured that, A.D pools’ estimates would always include the highest quality materials available, superior craftsmanship, expert design, and unparalleled customer service free of hidden charges.

Every dream is different. So is every project. Do not worry, we account for both. Go ahead and dream, then talk to us and we will together make you see it come true. A D Pools, freedom to living it…

Renovations & Modernization

When your existing swimming pool, spa or any kind of your water features needs more than basic service or repair, you need seasoned design, construction & technology experts to give it a total makeover. A.D Pools BuildRight team can deliver more than you would ever imagine possible with a complete modernization and style update.

We can add a spa, colour changing lighting, resurface your interior, bring in automation with easy digital controls or you can also add a fountain or a waterfalls. No matter the scope of your remodelling project or your dream, you can count on A.D Pools BuildRight team’s superb value & quality.

A full array of pool renovations & modernizations can include:

  • Design modifications to shape, depth, and style
  • Design modifications to your landscape
  • Custom tile, stone, brick, and masonry
  • Slides, diving boards, and exercise swim jets
  • Expert deck repairs & replacement
  • Gunite spas, waterfalls, fountains, and lightings
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On-Going Projects

Pictures to be posted to update the page

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